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OUR LIBERTY ELECTIONS is not a PAC nor is it an organization or a club. It’s a website run by two women, one retired grandma and one computer whiz, who spent less than $50 to produce and launch this site. We simply desire to share our personal opinions with America. We select men and women whom we believe will place the utmost value on the Rule of Law and the liberties our Constitution guarantees. We do not take donations, nor do we foresee any need to spend any additional money to continue our efforts. We are not beholden to any corporation, PAC, candidate, labor organization, TEA party, political party, non-profit organization, wealthy benefactor, or any 501 (c) 3, 4, 5… Entrenched incumbents are well-funded, which allows them to drown out the voices of liberty challengers. Therefore, Patriots, if you wish to be part of a groundswell of volunteers from across the country, willing to help men and women of freedom, you can now find like-minded candidates by using the charts we provide.

OUR LIBERTY ELECTIONS believes every Congressional representative, Senate and House, who does not live up to their oath of office must go, and voters can help them find the exits by casting ballots for candidates who will support and defend our Constitution. But there are other ways to help patriotic challengers. If your phone plan allows, you can make calls to any state in the US on behalf of a candidate. And if you live in or near their district, consider working on door-to-door campaigns, or hosting a party to educate neighbors about a candidate. Please note: you do not need to live in the same state or congressional district to donate money or to work on one or several campaigns, but to do so you must contact the candidates directly through their official websites. In other words—don’t call us.

Paid for by E Dee Monnen and Windy Airey
and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
This website is our labor of love for America.

© E Dee Monnen and Windy Airey - All Rights Reserved

DISCLAIMER:OUR LIBERTY ELECTIONS believes all candidates have an obligation to meet the Constitutional qualifications for the office they seek. They should also be a person of honorable reputation, but unless a candidate makes a public confession or has been lawfully charged with some abhorrent act, we cannot attest to any candidate’s character. We do consider public information during our candidate selection process while judging their positions based on news reports, personal contact, their official platforms, websites, and the quality of their endorsements. Our only regrettable action is voting for a person who claims grand Rule of Law promises and Constitution protecting assurances and then delivers pathetic excuses once in office.